This series takes its title from the last line in the children's book, Charlotte's Web.  After hearing a radio interview with author E. B. White, where he recounted the difficulty in reading this passage aloud for the audio book without breaking down, the phrase began to resonate.  This was largely due to the poignancy of course, but also the nature of the language. It is both a precise and uneasy declaration, suggesting an act or occasion while inferring the passage of an indefinite amount of time, which places it in relationship to a certain type of photographic thinking. The language suggests that no - One - was with her which, rather than speaking of companionship or lack thereof, implies a different kind of absence that conjures an image of - Being - in the midst of nothingness.

We cannot truly know things in time, but only through recollection, which can be temporally very near or very far.  When an instance becomes an image and passes by the lens, it dies immediately, forever removed from its specific position in space and time. Each slivered frame contributes to a collective image of what once was, and what no longer is.