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"Mountainfield [Studies] grew out of work done at the Listhús Artist Residency Program in Iceland and the Banff Centre for the Visual Arts in the Canadian Rockies. These two locations, over 3,000 miles apart, have distinctly different geographies, but their rugged subarctic landscapes play an important role in the aesthetic direction of this body of work.

Roe's photographs capture the striking natural beauty of these environments, but nature is not the primary subject of her work. [U]nlike the fixed moment of the photograph, perceptions are often fluid and unsettled. Roe's composite images capture a semblance of these subjective experiences, while also maintaining their integrity as photographic statements.  

Mountainfield Study is a two-channel video installation that brings these ideas to a time-based medium with startling effect. The fractured individual frames now move with mesmerizing energy in all directions at once, colliding, separating and reforming in impossible combinations of land and sky. Sometimes the compositions are kaleidoscopic; sometimes they sweep by like flight in a dream. In time, as the viewer watches, their sense of being grounded in any way vanishes and these eerie remote landscapes become near hallucinatory visions."

- Hansen Mulford (Curatorial Text for 2016 Florida Prize in Contemporary Art Catalog)